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I help high-achieving executives & entrepreneurial rising stars become the Next Big Leader in their industry.

If you know me in the least bit, you know I’m all about championing people to become influencers of change & admired, sought-after leaders.

Because without you, our world would be one stagnant mess of sameness. 

And if you’re paying attention to the world right now, more of the same is NOT GOOD.

We’re in a highly catalytic time of change and every single one of us on earth is being called to step into our seats as leaders of tomorrow.

You with me? 

I’ve been recognized as a Latina leader by Hispanic Executive magazine and the winner of the Women Worth Watching in Education award. I’ve appeared in top publications & podcasts including Forbes, TEDx Lincoln Square, NPR, NBC News, Thought Catalog, The Unmistakable Creative and more.

My undeniable advantage is a power combo of:

  • interpersonal skills mastery to help you develop high-quality relationships with your clients and business partners(20 years experience as a top-performing psychologist & consultant)
  • a laser-focused, strategic eye that will bring clarity to your “I have NO IDEA how to talk about my business” chaos (34 years of award-winning public speaking experience)
  • a crazy-sharp ability to turn you into the confident rockstar of your business in minutes (former university president, C-suite executive leader & top-rated online educator)
  • scary-accurate intuition & a huge compassionate heart to remove what’s getting in the way of showcasing your brilliance (founder of The Good Goodbye® approach, a behavioral science-based framework to show you how to part ways with what’s kept you from having something better in life that you never expected).

If you want to elevate your brand and get visible on the same platform as your favorite industry superstars, use your distinctive signature story to attract your ideal audience without chasing after a single sale or soul, and unleash your natural charisma to become the leader you’re meant to be without hiding, wallowing or faking your way through…

Let’s make it happen so you can create amazing change in the world.

I’m thrilled to give you the same transformational experience I’ve provided to exceptional executive leaders, talented entrepreneurs, dedicated services providers, and rising stars so you can become the Next Big Leader.

Con gratitud,

Dr. Gladys


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