4 weeks to Create a Stellar Online Presence that Sells

Even if you’re getting little engagement online or feel shy promoting your business


produced for the first time.
having a lot of money; rich. 

Inside this results-driven experience, you’ll quickly get noticed online and create a buzz around you that gets people excited to buy what you’re selling.

Ready to build an engaged audience that can’t wait to learn and buy from you?

“Before taking Minted Confidence, I wasn’t attracting the right people with my message.  Since going through the program, my engagement with the right people increased. I’ve removed the stress of promoting myself online and my audience can now relate to and learn from me.”

ASHLEY POLING, Health & Fitness Coach

“I had my first $20k month working with Gladys! She helped me get clear on my business message and engage my audience in ways I wasn’t doing before. Now I get consistent Yes’s and have influencers like John Lee Dumas helping get my message out.”

INA COVENEY, Salary Replacement Strategist & Trailblazing OUT of Corporate podcast host

You’ve got the credentials and know people need what you’re selling. You’re ready to turn your lukewarm engagement into sizzling sales. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

A proven way to come out of nowhere and kill it online. 

At this point in the game, you don’t need any more inspirational talks or mindset hacks.

You need a clear, direct way to engage your audience and warm them up to a Hell Yes! to what you’re selling.

This is your chance to create a stellar online presence that lets you get results like my graduates:


  •  Immediate increases in engagement, some to the tune of over 400%.
  • Content that lights people up and gets them saying, “Your posts have been on fire! Whatever you’re doing, I love it!”
  • Build a real connection with your audience that naturally leads to sales.
  • Create a community of fans eager to promote for you when you launch new offers.

“Minted Confidence completely transformed how I show up in the world & my business. I’m providing content that inspires. I offer my art & instruction confidently. I’ve owned my role of CEO. I’m so grateful for the process and all that came from it!”

KRYSTAL JONES, Fine Artist & Instructor

“I was pretty insecure and hiding before, but since working with Gladys I’ve landed clients at 10x the rate I was previously charging, secured the opportunity to write for notable blogs like Teachable, and spoke on stage at RETAIN Live!” 

DIANA TOWER, Community Engagement Specialist

“I struggled talking about what I do confidently and was scattered before working with Gladys. Since working with her, I had my biggest month ever as a direct result of my increased confidence and ability to talk about what I have to offer.” 

DR. RIVA ROBINSON, Wellness Coach & Founder of RIVA Wellness

Using my evidence-backed methodology that’s helped my clients increase their audience engagement up to 400%, 10x their prices & sell out programs, get on stage as a speaker, publish books – all in record time – you’ll get:

28 days of results-driven, step-by-step challenges that help you stand out as an influential leader who turns their audience into adoring fans (and paying clients).

Build a real connection with your audience through engaging content that pulls them in and naturally warms them up to saying Hell Yes! to what you’re selling.

A made-for-you implementation strategy to give people more of what they want so you are consistently creating content gold.

Get over the hump of lukewarm content that’s not hitting the right note with your audience and create a stellar online presence that sells. 

21 story prompts that will  show you how to pull people in and have them talking, sharing and eagerly waiting for your next piece of content.

Discover how to use storytelling to share your expertise so people see you as a natural leader they want to learn and buy from.

Create a stellar online presence that sells.

There is a classy way to get noticed online and quickly build real connections with your audience that gets them talking about and buying from you.

And it starts with creating an online presence through your content that showcases your genius, your personality, and your heart.

No more sharing quotes of other geniuses. No more forwarding articles written by other thought leaders. No more photos of the latest sunset.

I put my heart and expertise into this 28-day experience so you can quickly get over the hump of lukewarm content and build a real connection with your audience through the art and science of engaging online content.

This is the same method I used to take my business to 6-figures in 8 months.

To sell out my private client load in a matter of weeks.

And to help my clients raise their social media engagement levels up to 400% and get over 40% email open rates so they could sell more of their magic with ease. 

These are a few of the results my graduates have seen and they’re the results I’m confident you will get in this 28-day experience. 

I’ll reveal how to:

Confidently show people why they need what you’re selling through the art of storytelling.

Proudly promote your business without worrying about turning people off.

Capture the attention & admiration of your audience so they can develop a genuine relationship with you and your brand.

Quickly stand out from the crowd with quality content that’s full of value and start making consistent revenue – lots of it.


•    Are an expert in your field wanting to make consistent sales each month

•    Want a better way to stand out in your industry that’s based on value and genuine connection to your people

    Create share-worthy content that makes you proud to promote your business

    Are ready to get out of your own way and showcase your full magic

I will help you stand out & make an impact so you can proudly make the money you deserve – without it being so freaking hard.

“Minted Confidence got me to finally take action on things I knew I should be doing and just with that I got amazing reactions from my audience! I wish I took this program before any other business class because speaking confidently about your work has to come before anything else. You can’t launch unless you know what you want to say & have the confidence to say it.”

LOUISE KITTEL, Founder of Creative Well Art & Coaching

“Gladys helped me own my magic and confidently talk about my business as an expert would, leading me to 8x my prices and fill up my client load in a record 2 months. She is my secret weapon and what allows me to flourish in my business.”

JEREMY LIPKOWITZ, Mindfulness Coach & Founder of Untangling the Mind


I’m Gladys Ato and it took me ONE YEAR to muster up the courage to do my first Facebook Live and promote my business online.

Even though I was a former university CEO and psychologist with a winning 36-year public speaking track record, I was still hung up on how I would come off to others if I went all in on promoting my business.

So I combined my 20+ years of expertise in influencing skills and the psychology of persuasion to create a confident, persuasive online presence that sells.

And I’m sharing the best of my expertise to help you connect, influence and shine through so you can be in high demand.


1.  This is NOT a course. Or a group coaching program.

This experience is 100% self-directed so you can do the work at your own pace. I give you action-based, daily strategies that will help you quickly create a standout online presence so you can confidently sell your offers. Implement the daily strategies and see your success soar.

2.  This experiential process is designed to get you results.

Each of the 28 daily strategies is expertly designed to get you to come out of hiding and be seen as an authority who people are excited to learn and buy from. If you don’t take action on the implementation strategy I developed for you, you won’t see results. No refunds.

3.  You are investing in an immersive experience to transform your online presence and unearth the confidence that will catapult your business (and life) success.

My program is a transformational, life-changing experience (my students’ words, and I agree).  I’ve given you the best of my expertise in each strategy so you can say goodbye to any fears, blocks, or resistance that have kept you playing small until now. 

Come prepared to create a stellar online presence that lets you confidently bring your magic to the world.

Included are all the strategies, step by step instruction, and inspiration you need to create a confident, persuasive online presence so you can sell like a star:

28 days of masterfully-created challenges that will get you to quickly stand out as an influential leader who turns their audience into adoring fans (and paying clients).

21 story prompts to create engaging posts that pull people in and have them talking, sharing, and eagerly waiting for your next piece of content.

Customized resources and guides that clearly lay out how to give people more of what they want to learn about so you are constantly creating content gold.

Ready to unleash your Minted Confidence?

Total Value of the Minted Confidence Program is $2400




“Gladys provided me with the freedom to express myself and become more confident in my business which unblocked me to create valuable content for my audience. You really have a partner alongside you. You cannot hide, she delivers and you’ll be proud of what you achieve.”

CATHERINE WU, Health Coach


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