The Good Goodbye Ritual

A Ritual of Release

People always say they don’t like goodbyes. No one ever says they don’t like hellos.

The Good Goodbye® Ritual will make saying goodbye to any relationship a good experience.

Cleanse your energetic space today and re-emerge with an openness to transition to an exciting new chapter full of possibility and magic. 

The Good Goodbye Ritual is a simple energetic cleansing practice to help you release what’s been weighing you down so you can get closure on any unfinished endings and transition to a new chapter with more ease. 

“What stopped me from healing from thyroid disease was not knowing what or who I would be on the other side of it. My whole world was tied up in managing this chronic illness, so letting myself say a Good Goodbye to that part of me and say hello to a new me was the last missing piece.”

KYLIE WOLFIG, Author and Founder, Thyroid School

“After my first son’s birth, it took me completely losing control to realize I needed help transitioning from my pre-parent life to my new role as mommy. Doing so helped me have a Good Goodbye from the old Ashley and turn the page to the next chapter of life with grace & acceptance.”

ASHLEY SOTO, Founder, Little Tunes

There’s a collective grief we’re going through. We are asking ourselves the hard question of what we’re ready to let go of so we can create the best life possible.

This subtly powerful transition deserves so much more care and intention around closing the old chapter and beginning the new.

Otherwise, you’re bringing with you the same old baggage of unresolved resentment, fear, worry, and the worn-out stories that are energetically piling up on you.

In this self-guided experience, I walk you through designing your own Good Goodbye ritual using the 5 pillars of The Good Goodbye approach: Acceptance, Understanding, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Saying Goodbye. 

I show you how to create the space to do this ritual full-heartedly and to receive it as a rite of passage so you can honor the sacredness of this ritual and genuinely feel its benefits.

“The gentleness, grace and practicality of Gladys’ Good Goodbye teaching is abundantly clear from the very start. I would absolutely recommend The Good Goodbye to anyone who is needing a roadmap for the journey through loss and pain. You will feel held and loved the whole way.”

CLARISSA LEONG, Founder, Waking Up in Paris

“Gladys’ Good Goodbye approach enabled us to give space to all members of our university community to grieve the closure of the school in our unique ways & to celebrate the experience with each other. She did this all in a balanced & holistic way that respected their dignity and honored their service to the institution.”

DR. GARY BURKHOLDER, Senior Research Scholar

“Goodbyes are a part of life yet I found myself suffering from separation anxiety. Sometimes even before I had to say goodbye. I used the process Gladys teaches and for the first time it was a Good Goodbye!” 

MELISSA SMITH, Author & Founder, The PVA

When you purchase the Good Goodbye Ritual, you receive:

Six audio recordings to create your own ritual of release

Part ways with any relationship well and honor the sacred rite of passage you’re about to embark on. in starting a new chapter. Whether it’s saying goodbye to a loved one, a home lost in a natural disaster or a move to a new location, your sense of security in a chaotic world, or a worn-out version of your identity, this ritual will help you make it a good transition.

A made for you Good Goodbye Ritual Blueprint

This Blueprint gives you a simple yet profound framework to create a beautiful ritual of release that you can do anytime to cleanse the stagnant energy keeping you stuck from moving forward. When you feel it all building back up, you can return to your Ritual Blueprint to recenter and anchor. 

Thoughtfully designed activities to deepen your process

Immediately upon purchase, you will receive full access to all the audio recordings, Ritual Blueprint, and curated activities to reflect on and release one relationship you are ready to part ways with. Set aside 3 hours for the ritual experience and finallsay goodbye to what’s no longer working in your life.

Lifetime access to all the content

Anytime I make changes to the content to improve your experience, you will receive the most up-to-date version so you can keep integrating this sacred practice into your life. Because like it or not, goodbyes and change will keep happening so I want to make sure you have the best support to make them good ones.

If you want to:

Purge any unfinished endings you’ve been ruminating on and can’t seem to put away…

Clean up the resentments you don’t want to take with you into a new chapter…

Accept the end of a relationship and stop replaying in your head how things could have been different…

Create the necessary changes in your life without regret or guilt holding you back…

Feel grateful for what’s ending and excited to start a new day with deeper clarity and purpose…

Receive The Good Goodbye Ritual today

Meet Your Mentor:

Dr. Gladys Ato is a leadership mentor, clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work. She teaches communities how to amplify their leadership and build their emotional intelligence in times of uncertainty using The Good Goodbye® approach.

Recognized as a Latina leader by Hispanic Executive magazine and winner of the Women Worth Watching in Education award, Gladys has been featured in BBC WorkLife, Forbes, TEDx Lincoln SquareNPRNBC NewsThe Unmistakable Creative and other top publications and podcasts.

“The Good Goodbye is a gift. Not only is it a great companion during a time of change, it will help to heal past losses that maybe didn’t get a healthy goodbye. That’s the goal: gratitude for all the experiences we have in life – happy, sad, painful – because they ALL leave us softer and wiser if we honor their teachings.”

BRIDGET SALMI, Specialty Sales Representative

“The Good Goodbye is a timeless resource for dealing with change, building resiliency, and confidently saying goodbye to what you’ve lost in life as you process your journey of healing. My gratitude goes to Gladys for creating this valuable resource to change how we deal with change and loss in the world.”

DR. MARYAM HAFEZI, Clinical Health Psychologist and Grief & Bereavement Expert

Here’s what you get when you purchase The Good Goodbye Ritual today:

Included are all the exercises, step by step audio instruction, and guided inspiration you need to create a sacred, 3-hour ritual of release to one relationship you want to part ways with.

6 audio teachings to guide you in creating your own ritual of release that will get you to say goodbye to one relationship with gratitude and ease and free up your energy to devote toward a new chapter. 

An artfully designed Ritual Blueprint to make creating a beautiful and profound ritual of release simple. Anytime you want to get rid of built-up frustration, pull out the Blueprint and dive into a ritual to lighten your load.

Customized activities that clearly lay out how to deepen your process to make goodbyes a good thing and honor the rite of passage you’re embarking on when you transition to a new chapter. 

Lifetime Access to all of the resources listed above. Anytime I update them, you get the most current version so you can have the best support to integrate this practice into your life. 

This self-guided ritual is designed to be woven into your life as a regular practice of release. Clear out stagnant energy and end the constant rumination on a relationship that’s not working so you can put your energy toward the relationships you desire. 

Receive The Good Goodbye Ritual today

As an Executive Coach, I work with accomplished, successful clients some of whom can no longer “stay focused” on their vast responsibilities because they are exhausted by office politics, by family dysfunction, by unnecessarily cruel relationship endings and they wonder how to get back on track, make amends and learn how to execute “Good Goodbyes” moving forward. They find the answers they are looking for in Dr. Gladys Ato’s Good Goodbye approach. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what went wrong, her clients regain control of their day, their energy, and their time. I highly recommend Dr. Ato’s work as it is infinitely applicable to all corners of our lives.

 MARCIA RILEY, Founder, M B Riley and Associates, LLC