4 weeks to Ugh-free Self-Promotion & Guiltless Profits

Even if you don’t like being in the spotlight and are self-conscious about sales


having a lot of money; rich. 

Inside this immersive and results-driven experience, you’ll create a confident & persuasive online presence so people buy what you have to sell – and you don’t feel bad about it.

Ready to uncover the confidence that will create next-level success?

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The VIP 4-week intensive starts January 6, 2020

“Prior to taking Minted Confidence, I wasn’t attracting the right people with my message.  Since going through the program, my engagement with the right people has increased. I’ve removed the stress of promoting myself online and my audience can now relate to, learn from, and laugh with me!”

ASHLEY POLING, Health & Fitness Coach

“Gladys has perfected the art of getting out what’s buried inside, getting you clear on your message, and opening you up to solid business opportunities. Now I have influencers like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire promoting my work and I raised my prices 10x and am getting consistent YES’s!”

INA COVENEY, Salary Replacement Strategist & Trailblazing OUT of Corporate podcast host

For expert coaches, creatives & service providers who want to confidently promote their business without being selfish or showy.

I’m inviting a small group of entrepreneurs to join me for a VIP experience where you get my direct assessment, expert feedback & accountability – at a fraction of my regular VIP price

This intensive is all about implementing the actions you need to build a confident, persuasive online presence so people buy what you have to sell.

Because at this point in the game, you don’t need any more inspirational talks or mindset hacks.

You need clear direction on how to be persuasive, promote in a non-showy or salesy way, and get your audience to that natural next step of YES…

All without waiting for your inner child wounds to be healed (because bills need to be paid and you’re tired of seeing everyone else except you kill it online).

This is your chance to create a standout online presence that allows you to: 

Confidently promote your business and stop wondering how you’re coming off to others.

Showcase your expertise without sounding like you’re making everything about you.

Create engaging content that feels right to you and lands in the right places with your audience.

Make money without letting the constant fear of getting rejected stop you.

Leave imposter syndrome behind so you can shine as a true industry leader.

“I was pretty insecure and hiding before, but since working with Gladys I’ve landed clients at 10x the rate I was previously charging, secured the opportunity to write for notable blogs like Teachable, and spoke on stage at RETAIN Live!” 

DIANA TOWER, Community Engagement Specialist

“Minted Confidence completely transformed how I show up in the world and my business. I’m providing content that inspires. I offer my art & instruction confidently. I’ve stepped up and owned my role of CEO. I’m so grateful for the process and all that has come from it!”

KRYSTAL JONES, Fine Artist & Instructor

“I struggled talking about what I do confidently and was scattered before working with Gladys. Since working with her, I had my biggest month ever and signed on three new clients as a direct result of my increased confidence and ability to talk about what I have to offer.” 

DR. RIVA ROBINSON, Wellness Coach & Founder of RIVA Wellness

Using my psychology-backed methodology that’s helped my clients 10x their prices, sell out programs, fill up their client load, get on stage as a speaker, publish books – all in record time – you’ll get:

Expert assessment of how you’re coming off online so you can lead people to that natural next step of saying YES to your offers.

No more obsessing over why people aren’t engaging with your posts or buying what you’re selling and thinking it’s because you’re not (insert self-defeating belief/block/mindset) enough. If you have virtual toilet paper stuck on your skirt, I’m going to tell you.

A made-for-you implementation strategy to transform your business presence from self-conscious to persuasively confident so you can promote your offers with ease.

This is the kind of confidence makeover Netflix series are made of. Move over Queer Eye…Minted Confidence is in the house!

Expert accountability to get you past what’s held you back from making the money you deserve.

Having led teams of 100+ people and managing multiple 8-figure organizations as an executive leader, I know how to get people to do the things that scare them and to do it with excellence. Now it’s your turn to get in on this elite level of accountability that you’ve never experienced before so you can shine as a true industry leader.

Create ugh-free self-promotion & guiltless profits

Waiting for your confidence to arrive before you really start putting yourself out there to promote your business is like waiting to get a wedding ring on your finger before you start dating.

It’s backwards thinking that’s costing you time, energy and sales.

Confidence doesn’t happen through planning. It happens through doing. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience in this 4-week intensive.

I’ll show you exactly what to do to each day to turn your online presence into persuasive gold so your audience lines up to learn & buy from you.

I’ll reveal how to:

Find your natural confidence to sell like a star through the art of teaching not telling.

Turn self-sabotaging acts of procrastination and perfectionism into fuel to proudly promote your business on the regular.

Create a standout business presence that engages your audience so they can develop a genuine relationship with you and your brand.

Get over the guilt that self-promotion is selfish so you can feel good about making money – lots of it.



•    Are an expert in your field wanting to make consistent sales without feeling so self-conscious about promoting yourself

•    Have been at the entrepreneur thing for a while and want an easier way to stand out from all the noise that’s based on value and genuine connection to your people

    Want to feel proud and happy showcasing your business without coming off as showy or selfish

    Are ready to create crazy magic in your business and let your true confidence out of its cage

I will help you stand out & make an impact so you can proudly make the money you deserve – without it being so freaking hard.

“Minted Confidence got me to finally take action on things I knew I should be doing and just with that I got amazing reactions from my audience! I wish I took this program before any other business class because speaking confidently about your work has to come before anything else. You can’t launch unless you know what you want to say & have the confidence to say it.”

LOUISE KITTEL, Founder of Creative Well Art & Coaching

“Gladys helped me own my magic and confidently talk about my business as an expert would, leading me to 8x my prices and fill up my client load in a record 2 months. She is my secret weapon and what allows me to flourish in my business.”

JEREMY LIPKOWITZ, Mindfulness Coach & Founder of Untangling the Mind


I’m Gladys Ato and it took me ONE YEAR to muster up the courage to do my first Facebook Live and promote my business online.

Even though I was a former university CEO and psychologist with a winning 36-year public speaking track record, I was sweating bullets worrying about how I would come off to other people.

I didn’t want to be too ballsy about promoting myself because everyone would think I became one of “those” people who over-promote and make their business all about them.

But I also didn’t want to downplay what I do and blend into the walls.

So I combined my 20+ years of expertise in influencing skills and the psychology of persuasion to create a confident, persuasive online presence that sells.

And I’m sharing the best of my expertise to help you connect, influence and shine through so you can be in high demand.


1.  This intensive is NOT a course. Or a group program. Or coaching.

There are no teaching modules, PDF handouts, or me nagging you to get your work done. This experience is 100% action-based using daily activities that will set you up to create a standout online presence. Do the daily activities and watch your business success flourish.

2.  Enrollment in this intensive is highly limited so I can make this experiential process customized to YOU.

This means you’re going to learn through doing each day for 30 days. No hiding in the shadows or just observing. If you don’t take action on the implementation strategy I develop for you, you’ll be kindly asked to leave the program. No refunds.

3.  You are investing in an immersive VIP experience to transform your online presence and unearth the confidence that will catapult your business (and life) success.

Working with me is a transformational, life-changing experience (my students’ words, and I agree).  I’m here to ensure you get what you need to say goodbye to any fears, blocks, or resistance that have kept you playing small until now.

Come prepared to get out of your own way so you can bring your magic to the world.

Included are all the personalized assessment, strategies & accountability you need to create a confident, persuasive online presence that takes the “ugh” out of self-promotion so you can sell like a star:

30 days of direct instruction to create a standout online presence.

A personalized, expert assessment of your current business presence. Where else will you get a psychologist, award-winning public speaker & executive leader to tell you how you’re coming off online and how to fix it?

An implementation strategy to take your business presence into the spotlight – and not feel bad/self-conscious/guilty about it.

A secret Facebook community designed for you to prepare, rehearse, and get direct feedback from your peers on the content gold you’ll be sharing so you can confidently rock your promotion skills.

Ready to unleash your Minted Confidence?

“Gladys provided me with the freedom to express myself and become more confident in my business which unblocked me to create valuable content for my audience. You really have a partner alongside you. You cannot hide, she delivers and you’ll be proud of what you achieve.”

CATHERINE WU, Health Coach


I'm ready to part ways with what's holding me back from the great things in life!



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