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Maybe it was breaking up with a partner who you cared about deeply. Or suddenly quitting that job that was burning you out or being laid off. Or losing a loved one who died.

How many times have you tossed in bed at 3 am replaying the situation over and over again, only to feel even more unresolved about it and unclear of how to move on?  

Even if you struggle with change and have a hard time letting go, you CAN get through it with incredible self-confidence, trust, and grace that will set you up for an amazing new chapter.

In The Good Goodbye book, Dr. Gladys Ato shares how a seed planted at her mother’s funeral grew into a new paradigm for coping with change and loss and learning to let go with grace.

Recognized as a Latina Leader by Hispanic Executive magazine, and a former psychotherapist, consultant, and executive leader, Dr. Ato draws on her 20-year career of empowering hundreds of individuals and several organizations to successfully move through change and loss of all types to give you a clear path for turning the pain of loss into personal empowerment and healing.

In this book, you’ll read the stories of people who were able to transform their struggles with loss and change into inspiring new beginnings using The Good Goodbye ® approach. This straightforward, psychology-based framework helps you:

  • Develop the key traits that set apart those who champion through tough life challenges from those who crumble apart from them.
  • Turn the dread and disappointment around loss into gratitude and excitement for a new chapter.
  • Create necessary changes in your life without regret or guilt holding you back from thriving.
  • Become more powerful than you ever imagined as you rise above life’s challenges.
You could put off changing how you deal with change until the next big change happens. But then what?

You end up using the same coping tools that have kept you stuck from moving on. You keep tiptoeing around those old wounds that have yet to be healed. Ultimately, you run yourself ragged wondering why things aren’t getting better and why you feel less connected in life.

I did this and let me tell you: You deserve to get through any change with greater ease.

Change is never easy, but this heartfelt, motivational book will give you a clear roadmap to navigating it with self-confidence, trust, and grace—a skill that will enable you to create amazing new chapters in your life.

Free yourself from the dread and insecurity of facing personal and professional changes. Get more energy and clarity to succeed in life, love, and work.


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